More Propositions

For those who haven’t seen them, two further sets of propositions by Kim Fabricius have been posted over at Faith and Theology

Ten Propositions on Theodicy

Ten Propositions on Ecumenism

propositions on ecumenism include the statement that: "There are, of
course, limits to acceptable diversity, but I would suggest that they
lie within the parameters of: (a) a common baptism, (b) a Trinitarian
confession of faith, and (c) a belief in Christ crucified and risen as
Lord and Saviour. All else, I suggest, is adiaphora – particularly
matters of polity. Moreover, it would be unreasonable to expect more
agreement between our churches than we accept within our churches."
The concerns that Baptists have over the language of ‘common baptism’
are perhaps not as well known as they ought to be, and the possibility
of mutual recognition of journeys of inititation, rather than moments
within those journeys has still to take deeper root within ecumenical
discourse.  The force of Kim’s description of ‘parameters’ is to
exclude those from a baptistic tradition who struggle to recognize
infant baptism as baptism from the ecumenical journey within which such
a recognition might eventually be reached.

Finally, I also enjoyed this post by Jason Clark over at Church and Postmodern Culture on Baudrillard and Superficial Church.