Did Luther Get Paul Wrong?

The latest edition of the Lutheran journal Dialog has several articles exploring this theme.  They are currently available free at the Blackwells site.  Details of the articles:

Disturbing Politics: Neo-Paulinism and the Scrambling of Religious and Secular Identities
Ward Blanton| Full Text PDF (107 KB
A Review of Udo Schnelle and Francis Watson on Paul

David L. Balch
pages 14–23 | Full Text PDF (100 KB)

Did Paul Get Luther Right?

David A. Brondos
pages 24–30 | Full Text PDF (77 KB)

Paul and the Revisionists: Did Luther Really Get it All Wrong?

Karl P. Donfried
pages 31–40 | Full Text PDF (105 KB)

Heidegger on Luther on Paul

Timothy Stanley
pages 41–45 | Full Text PDF (70 KB)

There is also a nice article by Robert Jenson


A Theological Autobiography, to Date

Robert W. Jenson
pages 46–54| Full Text PDF (83 KB)

HT: Ben Myers