It has been a pretty hectic week: a very good College retreat, followed by day conference at Manchester University for those who have oversight of Postgraduate Research Programmes.  Friday with the kids and Saturday with friends and preparing for preaching tomorrow at Didsbury Baptist Church where I have been the Moderator for over 2 years.  This will be my last preach in that capacity (our new minister will be inducted later in May).  Tomorrow we will explore why much of the ‘stuff’ that surrounds Palm Sunday in our church celebrations fails to do justice to the significance of the story (the gospel narratives are deeply ironic, suggesting that the crowds have misunderstood as much as they have understood in hailing Jesus as their king).  On Tuesday we fly to Italy for holiday, so no blogging for a while.  Here’s to proper cappucini; sunshine and spring; and wine after Easter Sunday.

So. if you are short of a few things to read – here are some cuttings from around the blogs this past week or so.

Kim Fabricius offers 10 Propositions on Sin and then 10 Propositions on Being a Theologian.  The latter post elicits a typically demented and hilarious response from Chris Tilling here.

While on the topic of propositions, Stuart Blythe offers some for consideration by Scottish Baptist churches, many of which are equally pertinent to their cousins south of the border.

I plan to take Bonhoeffer’s Life Together and Prayerbook of the Bible (Volume 5 of the new DBW) away with me for holiday reading (part of a developing interest in his work)  and so was interested to see that D. W. Congdon has posted the text of a sermon by George Hunsinger on Bonhoeffer and torture. 

Ben Myers draws attention to the online version of this year’s papers at the Society for the Study of Theology Conference in the UK.  Which reminds me: has anyone else seen details of the 2007 BNTC yet?  For once I was planning to give a paper and don’t want to have missed the relevant deadline.