Welcome to Andy

Andy Amoss goes down in history as the first NBC student to start blogging while still a student with us.  His Blog is entitled Narcissi-silly, which is one syllable too many but still an intruiging title.  I thought I would wait until he made a 2nd post, just to see if it would last, but now he has, a warm welcome to him.  Here is a great, and vintage Andy, line from the latest post.

"The story about planks and specks in people’s eyes now makes real sense
to me. Where it used to be about grades of personal sins; swearing =
speck, having sex before being married= plank, it’s now about personal
sin V corporate sin. I’m not talking about corporations in a buisness
sense (exclusively), i’m talking about stuff people do corporately, eg.
concern ourselves with status symbols while people starve – plank! Buy
products which either save us money or make us feel cool, which have
been made by people who are desperately exploited – plank! Have spare
rooms while people sleep on streets – plank! pay tax to a government
who then spend it on warfare – plank!"

What I love about this is the intertextual echo of Only Fools and Horses, as in "You plank Rodney!".