The Worst Theological Invention

Ben Myers has been inviting suggestions and opinions of the ‘worst theological invention’.  Loads have been suggested (see the initial post and the comments here), but Ben has whittled them down to a shortlist of 7, on which you can now vote. The shortlist is:

  • Biblical inerrancy
  • Double predestination
  • The rapture
  • Papal infallibility
  • Arianism
  • Christendom (not to be confused with Chrisendom, which is also one of the worst theological inventions…)
  • Just war theory

In the end, after 10 seconds of reflection I have cast my vote for (or is it against) biblical inerrancy although Christendom would come a close second (and yes, I have read O’Donovan and no, occasionally demented as he is, I don’t mean Chris Tilling).