Latest Issue of JSNT

SAGE have just sent information about the latest issue of JSNT.  The TOC includes:

The Madness of King Jesus: Why was Jesus Put to Death, but his Followers
were not?

     Justin J. Meggitt
Why was Jesus Crucified, but his Followers were not?
     Paula Fredriksen

Meggitt on the Madness and Kingship of Jesus
     Joel Marcus

The Unity of Luke–Acts in Recent Discussion
     Michael F. Bird

Literary Unity and Reception History: Reading Luke–Acts as Luke and Acts
     C. Kavin Rowe

The Reception of Luke and Acts and the Unity of Luke–Acts
     Andrew Gregory
Critiquing the Excess of Empire: A Synkrisis of John of Patmos and Dio of

     Peter S. Perry

Book Review: Bridget Gilfillan Upton, Hearing Mark’s Endings: Listening to
Ancient Popular Texts through Speech Act Theory (Leiden/Boston: Brill,
2006). pp. xviii + 240. ISBN 90 04 14791 8

     Alison Jack

JSNT has moved much more towards a format in which the various articles cluster around a common theme, or alternatively interact directly with one another.  This means, I imagine, that some of the pieces are special commissions rather than submissions.  While this lends each issue a greater thematic unity, it does mean that there is less potential space for the independently submitted articles that the journal must receive on a regular basis, and assuming that these submissions are of the requisite quality, a longer delay in publication.  I am not entirely convinced that this is a good thing.