Off to Scotland

Next week I am making the long trip north, with my colleagues here at Northern Baptist College, for our annual staff retreat.  We will be staying at Gartmore House near Loch Lomond, and travelling down to Paisley to meet up with friends and colleagues from the Scottish Baptist College.  I am not sure what they have in store for us, but I am confident we are in for a good time together.

One of these Scottish friends, Jim Gordon, has a lovely post today on the subject of ‘every believer is a theologian‘.  I wonder if we will be spending our time together reading Tom Torrance on the trinity as we walk the streets of Glasgow / Paisley?

After this, I am staying on to give the Whitley Lecture.  Stuart Blythe, also from the Scottish College has been doing his best to drum up interest and support for the event.  See here and here.  Thanks Stuart, I am looking forward to a good few days of cross-border Baptist fellowship and collegiality.