July 2008 in Prague

I am in the initial phase of thinking through my sabbatical plans for next year.  There is much writing to be done (of which more in due course), and I have sadly had to turn down the chance to be with friends at Whitley College in Melbourne.  However, there are a number of interesting things happening in Prague in the latter half of that month.  The Baptist Historical Society is apparently holding a Centenary Conference to begin with (no details as yet).  Then the  Baptist World Alliance rolls into town for its annual Gathering, with the relevant Study Commissions (I last went to the BWA meetings in 2002 in Seville).  This will be followed by a meeting of CEBTS (Consortium of European Baptist Theological Seminaries) and BICTE (Baptist International Conference for Theological Educators).  The latter conference may well be around the whole issue of Baptist origins: 2009 will see the 400th year anniversary of the founding of the Smyth-Helwys congregation in Amsterdam, the first English Baptist congregation albeit on foreign soil.  Concurrently with this world Baptist jamboree, there is an International Bonhoeffer conference, also in Prague, and being sponsored by (among others) The International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague.  The Bonhoeffer conference is entitled "Dietrich  Bonhoeffer’s Theology for Today’s World: A Way Between Fundamentalism and Secularism?".  Details can be found here.  When marking is finished I will try and put together a proposal for this conference on Bonhoeffer’s use of the Bible.

So, sounds like a good few days in a great city.  Hopefully I might get to meet one or two international readers of this blog there.