Papers on Baptist Identity and Ecclesiology

A recent conference, held at the Elstal Baptist Seminary in Germany, explored issues of Baptist ecclesiology and identity.  The particular focus was on the notion  of ‘autonomy’ of the local church and how this affects the relation between local and intermediate expressions of church (often called ‘structures’ – an insufficiently ecclesial word in my view).  A report of the conference can be found here.  The statement that emerged from it is here.  Best of all, the main papers given and the conference are available in .pdf (response papers can also be found here).  They are:

Are Baptist Churches Autonomous? Nigel Wright, Principal, Spurgeon’s
College, London
‘Counsel and Help’: European Baptists and Wider Baptist Fellowship Ian Randall, Senior Research
fellow, IBTS, Prague, and Tutor,
Spurgeon’s College, London
Everything Old is New Again: Emerging Church Ecclesiology Gary Nelson, General Secretary,
Canadian Baptist MInistries
Local Churches and Wider Structures from the Perspective of
Reformation Ecclesiology
Uwe Swarat, Professor for
Systematic Theology, Baptist Seminary
at Elstal, Germany
An Historical Theologian Looks Anew at Autonomy William Brackney, Professor of
Christian Theology and Ethics, Acadia
Divinity School, Nova Scotia
Models of the Church in the New Testament Neville Callam, BWA General Secretary
Issues of Power, Authority and Interdependence
from a Biblical Perspective
Christoph Stenschke, Professor,
University of South Africa