Enoch Conference Papers

Two reasons for posting details of this recent Conference on Enoch and literature relating to Enoch (primarily Jubilees and 1 Enoch) – information care of April De Conick over at Forbidden Gospels.  First, it was held at the Monastery at Camaldoli, which I have visited (Grazie a Zia Alma) and, frankly, is about the perfect place to hold an academic conference (fantastic food, good walking, Tuscany … you know what I mean).  Full information about the programme and papers can be found here.

Secondly, Rob is probably not on email yet, so this is a way of remembering to refer him to those papers that relate to Genesis 6.1-4.  Full texts of papers are only available to participants, but authors’ emails are also given.  Here are the relevant ones for the Giants / Watchers tradition:

The Myth of the Watchers and the Problem of Intermarriage in Jubilees
(abstract |
Luca Arcari, University of Naples, Italy (email)

Jubilees and Sexual Transgression (abstract |
William Loader, Murdoch University, Western Australia, Australian Research Council (email)

The Origin of Evil in Jubilees
(abstract | paper)
Loren Stuckenbruck, University of Durham, England (email)

Angels, Demons, and the Dangerous Ones in Between: Reflections on Enochic
and Mosaic Traditions in Jubilees
(abstract |
| unabridged)
Annette Reed, McMaster University, Canada (email)

Theology and Demonology in Jubilees and Enoch (abstract | paper)
Ida Fröhlich, Catholic University Budapest, Hungary  (email)

The Evil Spirits in Jubilees and the Spirits of the Bastards in 4Q510, with  Some Remarks on Others Qumran Manuscripts (abstract |
Giovanni Ibba, University of Siena, Italy (email)

Anyone fancy organising a NT / Baptist kind of conference in an Italian Monastery and Hermitage, let me know.