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Some interesting stuff from the last couple of weeks or so:

Some recent sets of propositions from Kim Fabricius over at Faith and Theology:
10 Propositions on Heresy
10 Propositions on Spirituality

Reflections from the newly-christened ‘King Congdon’ on
Baptism and Faith

Ben Myers’ reflections on Marilynne Robinson’s wonderful novel Gilead (for my own thoughts see here)

Michael Pahl’s important thoughts on the force of Paul’s appeal to the created order within the overall framework of Paul’s thought.  Michael explores this in relation to debates over gender relations – but if we take the overall point seriously, the implications touch on other matters of controversy as well.

Halden’s developing series on ‘Radical Trinitarianism’ which, I am glad to see, employs the category of covenant as a central theme.

There, that just about clears my starred items from Google Reader.