What the Summer Break Brings

Last summer my College Principal, while on sabbatical, began blogging.  Although the kid has gone quiet, it seems that the space and time afforded by the summer break has now meant that the blogging bug has moved one door down my corridor and my colleague Glen Marshall has started up his own contribution.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Nah Then

Glen kept his plans secret – but it is great to see him in blogging action.  I make several early predictions:

  • The posts over at Nah Then will usually be of far more direct relevance and interest to Baptists and Baptist ministers than those found here (revolving I suspect around issues of missiology and preaching, both of which Glen knows a lot about)
  • Despite his protests, Glen will actually become quite a regular blogger (he likes talking and thinking aloud)
  • He will take every opportunity to remind his readers how great the North, specifically Yorkshire, more specifically Barnsley, is.  Barnsley, if you remember, tried to re-brand itself as a ‘Tuscan Hill Village’ a few years ago.  It was the subject of a wonderful poem by Ian MacMillan:

“Barnsley is a Tuscan Hill Village,
there is no doubt about it:
Barnsley is a Tuscan Hill Village.
The red roofs of the simple houses
glow like tomatoes
from Barnsley Market in the impossibly beautiful
of the gala bingo by the bus station,
because Barnsley is a
Tuscan Hill Village.”

Welcome to Glen.