Off to Oxford

No, not for good; but I have a paper to finish before the end of next week; the rest of the family will be somewhere in the New Forest; and I am preaching in Reading at my old church this Sunday.  So, what better excuse for spending a lovely few days in the Bodleian (once I have renewed my ticket).  I think I will probably be in the Lower Radcliffe Camera for much of the time, but I also plan to spend at least a day, for old times sake, at my favourite desk in the Lower Reading Room (the interiorCase_12 picture is of the Upper Reading Room, the next best place).  The aforementioned desk is special. It is the one on its own,
down at the end of 2nd room of the LRR (after the catalogues – do they still have the book catalogues?) on the right hand side before the stairs going up to the place where books from the stack are stored for collection; just by New Testament Abstracts etc.  You used to have to get there early, otherwise (in my day) J. N. D. Kelly would be there hiding behind the PG volumes of Chrysostom.  It is the spot where I spent much of my time in 1990-1993 thinking about Paul and trying to read German.

If anyone reading this is around in Oxford next week and wants to distract me by going out for coffee – that to would be consistent with past experience.