Conference Week

Well, the new academic year has started with the usual intense feeling of ‘too much to do before the students arrive’.  We have had a College staff meeting Sunday-afternoon – Monday; an examination board and ecumenical staff meeting today; but from here on the week opens out into a brief spell of conference season.

So I am back in Oxford tomorrow for the Joint Baptist College Staff Conference (we have yet to agree the correct title and thus acronym for this annual meeting).  We will be discussing issues relating to a possible Code of Ethics for ministers.

And then off to Exeter for the British NT Conference, for 3 great days of meeting friends, book buying (there are two ways in life, the way of blessing that includes an annual book allowance that kicks in on September 1st, just in time for BNTC…and the other way) and, hopefully, hearing some great papers.  Keynote speakers this year include Morna Hooker on Paul as Pastor, Larry Hurtado on NT Manuscripts as Artefacts (I note that he has spelt the word correctly on this occasion) and John Riches on Reception History (otherwise know as wirkungsgeschichte Jim) as Literary History.

In the midst of all that though, I have to summarize and enter into conversation with other members of the Paul seminar my paper on Paul’s rhetorical construction of Judaism (see previous post for details).  I am in the same session as Francis Watson, who will be talking about his revised Paul, Judaism and the Gentiles.  The other sessions explore Paul in relation to environmental issues, and contemporary philosophy.  Details here.

Nervous?  Just ever so slightly!  Therefore there may be no blogging until after Friday morning, but I will try and post later that day with my initial impressions.

Oh, and the picture?  I came across it a while back and although it relates to PhD vivas, I think a lot of it is relevant to giving papers at conferences – what not to do.