Latest Issue: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

Notification of the contents of the latest issue of JSHJ have just come through from SAGE:

Jesus the Israelite Was Neither a `Jew’ Nor a `Christian’: On Correcting
Misleading Nomenclature

     John H. Elliott

The Coming Son of Man Revisited
     Thomas Kazen

Did the Historical Jesus Prohibit All Oaths?: Part 1
     John P. Meier

There is some discussion of Elliott’s article over at April DeConick’s blog here and here.  And I look forward to reading Kanzen’s article in the light of Maurice Casey’s new book which offers a Solution to the Son of Man Problem

Is it just me, or are SAGE TOC alerts getting really rather late.  They are only really useful if they arrive before the copy of the journal itself arrives in the Library.