KevinblurdiveWell, it has been a while…

Many thanks to those of you who have emailed, or spoken to me, expressing concern, or asking when blogging might recommence.  The reasons for the hiatus? Nothing short of the mundane and ordinary I am afraid: a busy start to semester, with extra students needing tutorials and trying to find ways of providing electronic resources for my courses (more time-consuming than I had expected); a preference for spending any spare time I have at home, with family; and overall a lack of any interesting things to say.

But the muse has returned and so I felt it time to dip my toe in again.  Since I have been away I have noticed that a number of blogs have turned into marketing tools for publishers.  All of a sudden there are regular posts that include the words ‘Thanks to X&X X for a review copy’.  I wonder what would happen if a genuinely critical (as in negative) review was posted via this route.  However, if any publishers want to consider sending me free stuff (of sufficient quality and value, of course) I would not be averse.  But I guess that difference is that large numbers of people actually read Ben and Andy and Jim and Chris, whereas a 6 week gap in blogging probably guarantees that I have been taken off blogrolls and Google Readers everywhere.

As with many things, the key issue following a sustained absence is…how to re-enter?  I have decided that the best way would be to pick up two of the standard topoi of theo/biblio blogging: in the next two posts you will find respectively a quotation from a clever book, followed by a related attempt to establish a meme for others to pick up on.

Happy reading.