In Love…

Several posts today, but this will be the last for the day.  Scott Cairns’ rendition of St Isaac of Nineveh gets it exactly right.

Love’s Purpose

In love did He bring the world
        into being, and in love
                does He guide its difficult,
slow-seeming journey now
        through the arc of time.  In love will He
               one day bring all the world to a wondrous,
transformed state, and utterly
        in love will it be taken wholly up
                into the great mystery of the One
who has performed these things — and all of this so that
        in love absolutely will the course
                and form and governance of all creation
at long last be comprised.

Scott Cairns, Love’s Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life (Brewster: Paraclele, 2007), 74-75 (see sidebar for link)