Conference on the Bible and Justice

News just in about this interesting looking conference being held next year in Sheffield.  Speakers and theme look really interesting, and part of me wonders whether or not to submit a paper, but it would mean taking on another new commitment with several still unifinished and a book to write during my sabbatical. Anyway, Sheffield isn’t too far away, so I may try and attend.

The 2008 Conference on the Bible and Justice

29 May – 1 June, 2008

The 2008 Conference on Bible and Justice will bring together
scholars from around the world to explore how the ancient texts of the
Bible can play an active role in addressing twenty-first century social
concerns. The purpose of the conference is to foster discussion about
the relevance of the Bible to modern social issues, and promote bridges
between the academic field of biblical studies and the various
endeavours for a just world.

The Conference Will Focus On Three Main Areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice

Our Keynote Speakers Are:

  • Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University
  • Timothy Gorringe, University of Exeter
  • John Rogerson, University of Sheffield (Emeritus)

A variety of other speakers, including James Crossley, Philip
Davies, David Horrell, Louise Lawrence, Mary Mills, Hugh Pyper,
Christopher Rowland, Gerald West, and Keith Whitelam, will address how
the Bible is able to relate to a wide variety of social issues.