A Quick Roundup

Links to a few goodies from the last couple of weeks:

The Gospel According to Martin Scorsese: a guest post by Scott Stephens over at Faith and Theology, offering a review of The Last Temptation of Christ.

The Story of Ernst Lohmeyer: this is a deeply poignant account of a wonderfully creative and able NT scholar.  What the account fails to point out is the deep irony that Lohmeyer’s best work (other than his commentary on Mark) was probably his work on Philippians (monograph and commentary) in which he identified the theme of martyrdom as central to the letter.  His work is, unfortunately, largely untranslated. HT: Mike Bird.

Jesse Jackson coming to Regent’s Park College
: news from Andy Goodliff.  I shall be at Regent’s on Saturday and look forward to hearing more about this exciting new venture.

ASBO Jesus
: continues to churn out cartoon after cartoon that hit the spot.  These are the two that made me laugh: