Life in the Southern Baptist Convention

…continues to be utterly depressing, judging from this post from Wade Burleson.  Burleson is a Trustee of the International Missions Board of the SBC and a regular blogger.  He is constantly appealing to others within the SBC to be true to their Baptist identity.  Miraculously, he remains within the SBC.  But now the IMB have chosen to censure him for saying what he thinks.  To give you a flavour of life in the SBC here is a quotation from the IMB Trustees Standards of Conduct:

‘Individual IMB trustees must refrain from public criticism of Board
approved actions. Experience has shown that it is not possible to draw
fine lines in this area. Freedom of expression must give way to the
imperative that the work of the Kingdom not be placed at risk by
publicly airing differences within the Board.’

Baptist?  More like crypto-facist from where I am sitting.