Advent Hope

Awaiting Us At Last

I am of the opinion
    that the God shall of a radiant morning make
full manifest a chaste, surpassing outcome,
    a matter of immense, immeasurable
compassion on the part

of the loving Creator,
    even with respect to this difficult matter
of suffering – that out of it – even of
    Gehenna’s bleak, abysmal torment – the infinite
wealth of His love we

will behold all the more,
    and bountifully.  Among all His actions
there is none that is not entirely
    a matter of mercy, love and compassion:
these comprise the beginning
    and the luminous end of His dealings with us.

Scott Cairns, Love’s Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life (Brewster: Paraclete, 2007), 79 based on words of Isaac of Nineveh.