Random Stuff

An honorary mention to anyone who can find a link between these four items:

Steve Holmes is blogging at Shored Fragments (nice to know of other Eliot fans out there).  Anyone who wants to keep up to date on theology type stuff (e.g. the thrust of Bruce McCormack’s recent lectures in Scotland) and therefore finds this site immensely frustrating, not to mention ignorant, well Steve is your man.  He also has an eye for a good quotation (his own and occasionally other peoples). Welcome Steve.

I agree with Kim Fabricius that we must hope that many people go and see The Golden Compass and come away convinced that the god it implies is best off dead.

Pope Benedict has been saying some important things about hope (Spe Salvi)

If you want to know why pastors do what they do…the nature of the deep relationships formed between pastor and congregation, then this story from Amy Butler at Talk with the Preacher will give you some idea.  I read it and thought of my first Church secretary, Cecil Tolley…who was a friend.