Yes I Can…

…still blog after several weeks of inactivity, despite the fact that many people have probably given up on even checking this site any more.  I am not the only one who has found recent weeks to be full of enough distractions to leave little head space for being present here (it is obviously a Baptist corridor thing…see Glen.)

A glance in my Google Reader ‘Starred Items’ folder, reveals one of two things to help kickstart me back into the blogosphere.

The ‘Who is the Ugliest Living Theologian’ competition.

Halden’s reminder that February 4th is Bonhoeffer’s birthday.

The ridiculous Independent article on the ‘stars’ of teaching and research in Religions and Theology in the UK, rightly castigated here and here:  and no John, I am not going to rise to the challenge.

And finally…on Super Tuesday…if you haven’t seen this, then watch it and think what it might be like if someone like this became President of the US (of course it would be a second best to President Bartlett, but we can still hope).