Bonhoeffer Blog Conference

Halden announces the first ever Blog Conference to engage with the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He writes:

I am happy to announce the First Annual Bonhoeffer Blog Conference.  The topic for this conference will be: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics and Contemporary Theology.  The aim of this conference is to foster sustained reflections on Bonhoeffer’s last major theological work, Ethics and
to explore its implications within contemporary theological, ecclesial,
and political contexts.  While some spots are already filled (which
will be announced later), there is plenty of room for submissions and
proposals.  Any submission related to this general focus would be open
to consideration.  Creative approaches to the work of Bonhoeffer is

I anticipate that this conference will take place in early November,
2008.  Submissions can be emailed to me at
halden-at-wipfandstock-dot-com.  Also, if you wish to promote this
event on your own blogs, that would be appreciated.

It looks like an important event.  If it persuades a few more people to read the Ethics over the summer, then that will be no small gain.