Did Raymond Brown Read Paulo Freire?

On Mark 14.26-31: "Mark is offering a pedagogy of hope based on the initial failure of the most famous followers of Jesus and a second chance for them", Death of the Messiah, Volume 1, 141.

More substantially, here is Brown on the overall force of the Markan (and Matthean) passion narratives:
"…the passion is a descent into an abyss during which Jesus himself will hesitate as he finds himself with no human support.  He will be betrayed, abandoned, denied, and cursed by his disciples; he will be calumniated in the presence of the chief authorities of his people, who are determined to use every artifice to put him to death; he will be sentenced to crucifixion cynically by the representative of Roman justice, who knows he was  handed over out of envy.  As Jesus hangs on the cross for six hours …, all will mock him; nature will be plunged into darkness; and his only words on the cross, wrenched from the depth of his soul, will be greeted with contemptuous skepticism." (p.140)

Do you think there is a chance that, when he wasn’t reading Freire, Brown might have preached every now and again?