Off to Residential Selection…

Tomorrow I am off to attend the Baptist Union Residential Selection Conference.  This is a 3 day process for those who are seeking accreditation as ministers or youth specialists within BUGB, but who have not trained at a Baptist College in the usual way.  I am there as the Assessor for Theological Development and Teachability.  I have set two books for them to read in advance: N. T. Wright’s Paul: Fresh Perspectives and James K. A. Smith’s Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism.

There is also some other work to be fitted in to the gaps in the programme.  I have an finished article to proofread, and also have to begin some work on 4 Easter biblical reflections for the Baptist Times.  The overall theme is ‘Not the Passion of the Christ’ and each week there will be reflection on a section of John’s Passion Narrative.  Broadly speaking:

Not the Last Supper: John 13
Not the Agony of Gethsemane: John 18
Not the Passion of the Christ: John 19
Not the Great Commission: John 20

Not sure if there will be internet access where we are staying, so back on Thursday.