Blogging on Sabbatical

So, after another hiatus, a question…

Should I blog while I am on sabbatical?  We still use that term at NBC (rather than ‘study leave’), but the focus of the April-August period will be a book project that develops themes initially explored in my Whitley Lecture last year, and much of my time will be spent at a desk, in libraries, with a computer open ….all in the attempt to come out the other side with 70,000 words or so.

I guess the reason for not blogging during this period is that it could prove to be a distraction.  However, there is something to be said for the way in which blogging affords an opportunity for accountability.  A daily, or almost daily post, that gave an account of what I had read and how much I had written that day, ending perhaps with some thoughts about the focus for the following day…this might be quite useful for me, but would it be at all interesting to others?

What do you think?  Should ‘Sean the Baptist’ be turned into ‘The Diary of a Sabatticalist’ for a few months?