Good News From SBL

Following the recent announcement from the American Academy of Religion regarding their annual meetings, the following announcement has come trough from the Society for Biblical Literature: the change of heart at AAR is one that I, and I know many others, welcome.

We are pleased to hear of this new [AAR] development, and wish to reaffirm our continued interest in meeting at the same time and in the same city as the AAR.  The SBL was not involved in the original decision by AAR; nor have we been involved in the present one.  We will certainly discuss with AAR the feasibility of meeting in the same city at the traditional time (the weekend before US Thanksgiving) as soon as it is possible given present scheduling commitments and contractual arrangements.  We are already scheduled through 2012 (Chicago) and 2013 (Baltimore).  Once discussions commence with AAR regarding future concurrent meetings, the SBL Executive Director will report regularly on the progress in making this a practical reality.  We firmly believe that holding the SBL Annual Meeting at the same time and in the same city as other organizations involved in the advancement of biblical, religious, theological, and related academic studies is a good idea.  It brings together people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to exchange ideas and build relationships.

Kent Richards
SBL Executive Director