Baptist Hermeneutics Colloquium: Update

I mentioned this Colloquium a while back.  Details of some of the planned papers are now up on the website (although yours truly still has to decide: at the moment I am toying with a paper on friendship and the local church as a community of interpretation). Anyway, some of the promised highlights of the conference include:

John Colwell – Spurgeon's College, London – '…the word of his grace: what's so distinctive about Scripture?'

Alan Culpepper – Mercer University – Baptist interpretations of
the appearance of the risen Lord to the disciples in John 20:19-23

Paul Fiddes – Regent's Park College, Oxford – Baptist contributions to Old Testament studies

Mikeal Parsons – Baylor University – The history of Baptist hermeneutics and the book of Acts

Simon Perry – Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London – Baptist Bible studies

Simon Woodman – South Wales Baptist College – The Dissenting Voice: Journeying together towards a Baptist hermeneutic

Mercer University Press will be publishing the proceedings.