Two for SBL Purchasing

Details via the Eerdmans webiste of two volumes that will be on my shopping list in November in Boston.

In the Aftermath: Provocations and Laments
David Bentley Hart

the prolific, profound pen of David Bentley Hart comes this collection
of essays, reviews, and columns published in popular journals and
newspapers over the past few years, comprising observations on culture,
religion, and society at large. In the Aftermath fully displays the virtuosic prose that readers have come to expect from Hart.

“Here I want — at least in part — to entertain. This is
not to say that the pieces gathered here are not serious in their
arguments; quite the contrary. . . . I mean only that, in these
articles, I have given my natural inclinations towards satire and
towards wantonly profligate turns of phrase far freer rein than
academic writing permits. . . . I have, at any rate, attempted to
include only pieces that strike me as having some intrinsic interest,
both in form and in content.”

— from the introduction

[To which I can only respond … you mean to say that thus far Bentley Hart has exercised restraint in his prose style????]

Beginning from Jerusalem: Christianity in the Making, Volume 2
James D. G. Dunn

Beginning from Jerusalem covers the early formation of the Christian faith from 30 to 70 C.E.
After outlining the quest for the historical church (parallel to the
quest for the historical Jesus) and reviewing the sources, James Dunn
follows the course of the movement stemming from Jesus “beginning from

He opens with a close analysis of what
can be said of the earliest Jerusalem community, the Hellenists, the
mission of Peter, and the emergence of Paul. Then Dunn focuses solely
on Paul — the chronology of his life and mission, his understanding of
his call as apostle, and the character of the churches that he founded.
The third part traces the final days and literary legacies of the three
principal figures of first-generation Christianity: Paul, Peter, and
James the brother of Jesus. Each section includes detailed interaction
with the vast wealth of secondary literature on the many subjects