Paper on John and Torah

This Thursday and Friday sees a meeting of the 2008 Manchester-Lausanne seminar, a biennial get together of members of the Centre for Biblical Studies in Manchester and Institut Romans Des Sciences Bibliques Université de Lausanne.  The theme of the seminar is "Torah in the New Testament" and there will be 17 short papers, including contributions from staff and research students at the University of Sheffield, Geneva and Beersheva.

I am looking forward especially to the following:

Gillian Heald (Sheffield)
        “Works and Faith in Matthew’s Parable of the Sower”

James Crossley (Sheffield)
        “Mark 7:1-23: Revisiting the Question of ‘All Foods Clean’”

Barry Matlock (Sheffield)
        “Helping Paul’s Argument Work? The Curse of Galatians 3.10-14”

Peter Oakes (Manchester)
        “Law and Theology in Galatians”

Daniel Marguerat (Lausanne)   
        “Paul et la Torah selon les Actes des apôtres”

My own paper is on John's Rhetorical Portrayal of the Jewish Law and I have uploaded it so that you can download it here (if you so wish).