Here and There

Last week's joint Manchester-Lausanne conference was good, and my paper seemed to go OK, although inevitably I was less happy with it after delivery (the usual – oh, they were just being nice, kind of thoughts).  I seem to be making a habit of speaking directly after internationally renowned NT scholars; Francis Watson last year and this time Daniel Marguerat (who is currently President of SNTS), and no doubt suffering by comparison.

Here are a few things I have noted over the past few days that I found of interest:

Mike Bird's review of a new biography of George Eldon Ladd: definitely to be placed under the category of "Blimey!….I never knew that"

An interview with the newly anointed Sir Mark Elder, on all things Wagnerian (and Straussian, Elgarian etc.) and life with the Halle.

The 2nd Annual Karl Barth Blog Conference has begun: exploring Jüngel's treatment of Barth in God's Being is in Becoming (the only Jüngel book I have ever managed to read, don't even ask how far I got through God as the Mystery of the World.

I have been dipping into Charles Taylor's impressive The Secular Age recently, so was interested to hear that he co-chaired a commission investigating  Accommodation Practices Related to Cultural Differences  for the Province of Quebec (which, incidentally commissioned Lyotard's famous report on knowledge The Postmodern Condition, 30 years ago – philosophers writing government reports…perhaps it needs to be in Francophone Canada to work.).  There is an abridged pdf version of the report (In English), available for download.  (HT, Jamie Smith)

Finally, this book looks interesting, on the role of the priesthood in contemporary England, with some top notch contributors including Sara Coakley, Sam Wells (though quite how he is praying for England meaningfully all the way from North Carolina is a matter for speculation), Rowan Williams and Andrew Shanks.