Odds and Pieces

Just a few things that others may be interested in, although I doubt if any reader of this blog would be interested in all 3.

Paul and Contemporary Philosophy
: Geoff Holsclaw has a summary of his impressions of the Saint Paul’s Journeys into Philosophy conference that was held in back in June.  Ben asks if any others who attended have some insights to share, and draws attention to a forthcoming book which seems to engage with related themes.

Learning New Testament Greek:  there have long been text based resources for learning NT Greek available online.  However, as pdfs give way to ITunes and streaming video, the chances of someone learning the basics without ever entering a real classroom with a real teacher improve significantly.  The latest I have come across is the site run by Theodore Hildebrandt here but there is also the excellent new development within ITunes whereby James Voelz’s Concordia lectures based on his introductory but comprehensive Grammar can be found.  The days of John Wenham are definitely over.  For more advanced students and scholars there is a helpful collection of online reference works relating to NT Greek on Hildebrandt’s site, although the fonts may be problematic and so I will not be getting rid of my 1527 page copy of A. T Robertson’s Grammar (good Baptist as he was) just yet.

Bonhoeffer Blog Conference
: this has been announced by Halden and will run in November of this year.  The focus is on the Ethics in relation to contemporary theology and proposals for contributions are invited.  I am thinking about whether to do something on the use of the Bible in the Ethics not least as a way of publicizing the contribution of Stephen Plant’s excellent, but unpublished Cambridge PhD on this subject.  I will have another look through my copy of DBWE Vol 6 over the next few months and see.