Two Queries: SBL Handbook of Style


51F9TT6S9NL._SS500_The SBL Style Handbook was published in 2000.  I like many others use it as the basis for my writing.  But I have two queries, that others might be able to help me with.

1.  Given that journals / monograph series have come, gone or been altered between then and now, does anyone know if there are plans for the issuing of an updated abbreviations list? In the old days this used to happen every few years in the pages of JBL, via a new set of ‘Instructions for Contributors’.  In other words, is there somewhere that tells me that the accepted abbreviation for the Library of New Testament Studies is LNTS, in the same way that the handbook tells me that JSNTSup was the accepted abbreviation for its predecessor?

2.  Is there an output style for the SBL Style Handbook that will work with EndNote?  I used to have one, but it does not seem to work.

Any help that you NT people out there could give me would be appreciated.