ATI 1.2 Now Available

Volume 1, Issue 2 of the  electronic journal  American Theological Inquiry is now available for download here. The articles are as follows:

A Tale of Two Deities
   Kelly James Clark

Post-Secular Faith: Toward a Religion of Service
     Fred Dallmayr

Triunity, Creation and Aesthetic Rationality
     Michael Hanby

Jacques Maritain on the Consciousness of Christ
     Patrick Doering

Developing a Retroactive Hermeneutic: Johannine Theology and Doctrinal
     Myk Habets

Christology and the Relational Jesus
     J. Lyle Story

The Postmodern Condition as a Religious Revival
     Ryan McIlhenny

The Body and Human Identity in Postmodernism and Orthodoxy
     Scott Prather

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: Reconsidering Theological Education in a Postmodern Society
     Paul D. Jacob

There are also extensive book reviews including a few from Ben Myers.