What are We Waiting For?: Christian Hope and Contemporary Culture

What Are We Waiting For postcard
This is the title of a one-day conference to be held in Manchester on October 11th, run by the 'Thinking Allowed' arm of Spring Harvest and THINK.  I will be one of the speakers.  The blurb for the conference is as follows:

Brought to you by Spring Harvest and THINK
this one day conference will unpack the major themes of Christian Hope,
including the Resurrection, the end of the world, Biblical eschatology,
mission, culture and the environment and will feature leading Christian
thinkers and theologians including:

  • Andrew Belfield, THINK
  • Gary Bishop MA, ALOVE UK and THINK
  • David Harvey, The Bridge and THINK
  • Dr Marijke Hoek, Network
  • Dr Stephen Holmes, University of St Andrews
  • Neil Hudson
  • Chris Lane, THINK
  • Dr Grant Macaskill, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Tom Noble, Nazarene Theological College
  • Dr Robin Parry, Paternoster
  • Dr Russell Rook, Spring Harvest
  • Rev Roger Sutton, Altrincham Baptist Church 
  • Ruth Valerio MA, Author and Speaker
  • Rev Dr Sean Winter, Northern Baptist College
  • Chick Yuill, THINK

More details (including a full programme and booking details) can be found here.  I will be running a workshop on 'Resurrection, Heaven and New Creation' with a brief to engage with Tom Wright's presentation in Surprised by Hope.  Should be fun!