Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality

draws attention to the fact that (after a very, very long wait to do with problems with the choice of artwork for the book cover: tip – never choose a Chagall painting for your book cover) the latest volume of the Regent's Park Study Guides will be published next month.  Details from the Smyth and Helwys website:

Under the Rule of Christ
Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality

by Paul S. Fiddes (Editor)

this book the Principals of the six Baptist colleges in Great Britain
take up a request to write about Baptist spirituality. They propose
that the spirituality of Baptists, in all its diversity, is
characterized by living ‘under the rule of Christ’. While all Christian
spiritual traditions affirm this truth, they suggest that there is a
particular sense of being under Christ’s rule which has been shaped by
the story of Baptists and by their way of being church through the
centuries. Elaborating the main theme, chapters explore various
dimensions of spirituality: giving attention to God and to others,
developing spirituality through suffering, having spiritual liberty
within a community, living under the rule of the Word in Christ and
scripture, integrating the Lord’s Supper with the whole of life, and
engaging in the mission of God from an experience of grace. Together,
the writers present an understanding of prayer and life in which Christ
is both the final authority and the measure of all things.