New Book: The Bonds of Freedom

PTM Bonds of freedom
My soon-to-be colleague, Garry Deverell has just sent me details of his new book, due for publication soon.

The Bonds of Freedom: Vows, Sacraments, and the Formation of the Christian Self

This book proposes that Christian worship Is a key source for any
theology seeking to understand the covenant between God and human
beings in the Christian tradition.

Through a detailed
examination of phenomenological, biblical and theological sources, the
author seeks to write a theology in which the selfhood of God and human
beings is seen as essentially 'vowed' or 'covenantal'. This claim is
then explored through a detailed examination of Eucharistic and
baptismal practices within the worship life of the church.

then, is a theology that understands Christian worship as a mutual act
of promising and commitment between God and human beings.

Well done Garry.  Pre-publication orders can be placed at Amazon .