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The remaining desperate strategy of the blogger … post a few links to stuff out there that you have come across and found interesting, in the unlikely hope that others may share your enthusiasms…

Marilynne Robinson's new novel, Home, arrived yesterday, alongside a book on how to use Moodle (one of my more interesting Amazon combinations).  Given my belief that Gilead is one of the greatest novels of our era, I am eager to make a start to the latest work. For those who don't know what all the fuss is about, you may like to read the following article from TLS here, and an interview re-posted by Jason Goroncy here

Here is what Josiah Barlett would say to Barack Obama: warning, this will only make sense to you if you watched the West Wing, and if so, it will make you wish once again that Bartlett was (a) real and (b) back on our screens.

I had picked up from one or two sources that my soon-to-be Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was a practising Christian and a student of Bonhoeffer.  Now Mike Bird has provided the link to an essay by Rudd on Bonhoeffer which repays careful reading. Imagine: a political leader who understands theology!