In at Number 39….Graham Kendrick

The splenetic rage of Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail is now directed at Graham Kendrick, who appears at no.39 in Letts' list of '50 people who have wrecked Britain'.  This is his assessment:

hymns are a pestilence. They demean adult worship, dragging it to a
level even lower than that of Mrs C. F. Alexander's All Things Bright
And Beautiful (1848). They are self-obsessed, babyish, cliched,

Several authors have written these appalling hymns.
The daddy of them all when it comes to such gloopy nonsense, however,
is Graham Kendrick, author of Shine, Jesus, Shine.

who has a personal website complete with an efficient shopping section,
is the nation's pre-eminent churner-outer of evangelical bilge. Imagine
Pam Ayres without the humour.

He started writing hymns in the
late Sixties and has now written 400 of the ruddy things. Should it not
be a strength of Anglican worship that it does not move with the times
and instead provides continuity at a time of baffling change?

no. It's out with the harmonium! In with the electric guitar! Out with
the hymns sung by our forebears, such as He Who Would Valiant Be and
Hills Of The North. In with the roughagerich Bind Us Together or the
negro spiritual cum grammatical solecism It's A Me, O' Lord.

sturdy hymns of England, musical embodiment of the stoicism, resolve
and undemonstrative solidarity of our nation, are in severe peril, and
all thanks to ill-shaven remnants of the late Sixties – grinning
inadequates who have never got over the fact that they weren't Cat

Hope he feels better for getting that off his chest.