Random Things Meme

OK, I'll do this quickly given that I have been tagged by John and by Simon.  I refuse to inflict this on anyone else, however.

1.  I used to go out with a biblical scholar who has recently (ie. this year) published a book with SPCK and another book with Canterbury Press – no names, no pack drill.

2.  I don't really care about cars, or football – on the latter topic I have learned (like the proverbial Englishman abroad) enough to get by in the company of others e.g. 'ahhh that's all very well…but in my openion he's a bit of a luxury midfield player'.

3.  I do care about where the food I eat comes from, and the validity of historically inspired perfomance of classical music – if you ever want to participate in the latter conversation then the line 'well the commitment to the OPOV principle is all very well, but I am not sure that it does justice to the richness and harmonic complexity of the chorales' should stand yoou in good stead.

4.  I don't have a theology that accounts for this, but it does feel like God has been sorting out the details of our move to Melbourne: house, job, schools, friends, living next to the Italian quarter etc. etc. etc.

5.  I refer my honorable colleagues to the answers I gave to a similar meme a couple of years ago.