Like so many others in biblical blogland, I am currently in Boston at the Society of Biblical Literature meetings.  Not much action so far.  Yesterday I participated in meetings for a group of scholars working on a People's History of the Pauline Communities. It was good to be in the same room as people like Richard Horsley, Luise Schotroff, Antoinette Clarke Wire, Joe Marchal and Demetrius Williams, many of whom have written on Philippians and whose work I will be returning to next year.  The discussions were wide-ranging, a little too unfocussed for my liking, but stimulating.

Today, I am not picking up a session until 1.00 p.m. when I will be at the Pauline Epistles section.  This evening is the Manchester University Reception.

Oh, and here is the obligatory picture of the hotel room we are using (I am sharing with Peter Oakes)

Photo 6