Journal of Jewish Studies…Modern Theology…Ecclesiology

Every now and again I get carried away and start subscribing to a journal that interests me but that cannot really justify.  I have a major decision now about whether I take my hard copy of journals (pretty much a full run of NTS for example) to Australia.  The decision to take the NT journals will be a little easier if I can get shot of some of the less directly relevant issues sat in my office.  So, for anyone who can (a) either pick them up from Manchester or (b) is prepared to pay the postage, I am offering the following

Modern Theology
Vol 18 (2002) nos. 2, 3, 4
Vol 19 (2003) nos 1, 2, 3, 4

Vols 1-3 (2004-2006) intact and Vol 4, no.2

Journal of Jewish Studies
Vols 43 – 48 (1992-1997) intact

I would be happy to break up the vols and send individual items, but only as a last resort, so the deadline for requests for them is Dec 15th 2008.  You can ask for them via comments or by email.

If fellow bloggers who are in touch with networks of people who might be interested want to disseminate the information, then please feel free.