Book Announcement: Torah in the New Testament

The proceedings of last summer's Manchester-Lausanne Biblical Studies Seminar have gone to press, edited by Peter Oakes and Michael Tait.  Details can be found on the Continuum website:

Contents are

Preface, Peter Oakes

I. Methodological Issues

1. “Nomos as Social Engineering in the Thought World of the New Testament” Gerald Downing (University of Manchester)

2. “Educating Gentiles: Explanations of Torah in the New Testament, Philo and Josephus” Roger Tomes (University of Manchester)

3. “Torah, Rewritten Torah and Jude” George J. Brooke (University of Manchester)

4. “The End of the Law: the Messianic Torah in the Pseudepigrapha as background to the New Testament” Michael Tait (University of Manchester)

II. Torah, Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels

5. Jésus, fils de Joseph et fils de David” Thomas Römer et Jan Rückl (University of Lausanne) 

6. “La source Q et la Torah” Andreas Dettwiler (University of Geneva)


7. “Works and Faith in Matthew’s Parable of the Sower” Gillian Heald (University of Sheffield)

8. “Old Testament Roots of the Six Antitheses in Matthew” Mayer Gruber (University Beer sheva)

9. “Mark 7:1-23: Revisiting the Question of ‘All Foods Clean’” James Crossley (University of Sheffield)

10. “The Salvific Significance of the Torah in Mark 10:17-22 & 12:28-34” Arseny Ermakov (University of Manchester)

III. Paul and the Law

11. “Helping Paul’s Argument Work? The Curse of Galatians 3.10-14” Barry Matlock (University of Sheffield)

12. “Law and Theology in Galatians” Peter Oakes (University of Manchester) 

13. “Paul et la Torah selon les Actes des apôtres” Daniel Marguerat (University of Lausanne)
IV. The Torah in Acts

14. “Les décisions de l'Assemblée de Jérusalem (Ac
15): abandon ou maintien de la Loi, et particulièrement des règles de
la kashrout?”
Emmanuelle Steffek (University of Lausanne) 

15. “Ac 15, retour du refoulé? L'Eglise et la Loi chez Luc” Simon Butticaz (University of Lausanne)

V. The Torah and the Tabernacle

16. “The Rhetorical Function of John’s Portrayal of the Jewish Law” Sean Winter (University of Manchester)

17. “Filled with the glory of God: the appropriation of tabernacle imagery in the New Testament and Gregory of Nyssa” Ann Conway-Jones (University of Manchester)