Interview with Douglas Campbell on The Deliverance of God

Not to be missed, this one.  Mike Bird has put us all in his debt by securing an extensive interview with Douglas Campbell on the subject of his new book The Deliverance of God, which is due out from Eerdmans later this year.  The interview is in 3 separate posts:

Part 1 here
Part 2 here
Part 3 here

Most NT bloggers and readers will have this information already via Euangelion, but I wanted to include the links here because the issues involved are fundamental to our understanding of early Christian thought, Pauline theology, and thus relate to issues of contemporary theology and preaching.  Baptist and Uniting Church ministers who want a challenge for this year might want to buy the book when it comes out, spend the year studying it (it is a large, detailed, and often technical study of the issues), and then ask yourself the question – if this is the Christian gospel, then how do I need to change the way I think, pray and preach?

Just a suggestion.