Sauf le nom

I have no idea really why the motivation and inspiration to blog disappeared over the last few weeks.  I just couldn't think of anything much to say which means that either (a) I am fiendishly busy – not true or (b) that I am doing no work whatsoever and so not having any thoughts – also not true.  So I decided that it must all be connected with the decision (made with every good ecumenical intention) to change the name of the blog.  New name … no blogging.

So back to the old name…with an additional parenthesis to indicate my current location and work.  The UCA is the Uniting Church in Australia, and whether the addition will mean that I begin to gather readers from among my colleagues and new friends, especially those in the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, remains to be seen.

That will depend on whether or not I post anything.  I have a couple of things for today, after that…we shall see.

The name is safe – as Derrida would say.