To Everyone at the Baptist Union Council

1.  Stop surfing the internet when you should be concentrating
2.  Try to stay awake during Tuesday afternoon, especially during the Baptist Times report.
3.  I had nothing to do with the changes in the layout of the chairs
4.  Tell Phil Jump to get on the right side of the screens and not to skulk away at the back
5.  Try not to groan audibly when the usual suspects stand up to speak…again.
6.  If the Moderator asks you to 'break out into buzz groups' for prayer and or conversation, know in your hearts that he was probably told that he had to say that and that the best thing about being Moderator is that you can give the orders but don't have to obey them yourself.  If you don't want to pray in twos or threes then just pretend.
7.  Check to see if the Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Oxford has remembered to bring a corkscrew
8.  Clear up your bottles and cheese and cracker crumbs, otherwise Viv will get in trouble.
9. Have a good time, work and play hard.
10.  If you get a moment and want to leave a comment to let me know how things are going then please feel free – and then, read no.1