Rachel Elior to Speak in Melbourne on Dead Sea Scrolls

Readers in the Melbourne area may be interested in the follwing event being held at Monash Univerisyt:

"Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?"

Professor Rachel Elior
Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Jewish Mystical Thought
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Wednesday 20 May, 12-1.30pm
Monash CAULFIELD Campus, Building H, level 8 Sushi lunch provided

For more than 50 years, scholarship has maintained that the Qumran scrolls found in 11 caves next to the Dead Sea were authored by the Essenes. This seminar contests the prevailing scholarly consensus. The seminar will present the components of the library of the scrolls and argue that they are best contextualized according to the priestly interests of their authors and their biblical content, which reflects the biblical world in the three centuries before the destruction of the Second Temple. The seminar is based on Professor Elior's recent controversial book Memory and Oblivion: The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (in Hebrew) as reported in Time Magazine, Ha'aretz and The Jerusalem Report (see websites for reviews).

For further information contact Michael.Fagenblat@arts.monash.edu.au

I am not going to be able to attend, but would value reports back about the event.