New Arrivals: Anchor (Yale) Bible

9780385517263 The arrival of new books is always a welcome thing, and the arrival of a new, weighty commentary is a double blessing.  Which means I am quadruply blessed this morning as I have opened a box from Dove Booksellers (now the purveyor of choice, given the lack of Amazon and price of books in Australia).  A 2nd hand copy of Victor Paul Furnish's volume on 2 Corinthians, and a spangly new copy of John Reumann's posthumous and massive Philippians volume.  These are the epistles that will be occupying my attention over the next few years, so the volumes will be well used.

31220437 The Reumann commentary looks like the accumulation of 25 years of research notes on Philippians and it will interesting to see if one can detect the wood for the trees.  Reumann has the most extensive discussion of a little issue that is occupying some of my attention at the moment i.e. why Paul feels able to resort to the word σκύβαλα at Philippians 3.8 and how that lexical choice might be illuminated by an understanding of the the rhetorical force of the polemic in 3.2-3 and 3.18-19 (more of that in due course) It is also my first copy of the Anchor Bible series under the new arrangements with Yale University Press (older versions were published by Doubleday).  The format looks pretty much the same, but I kind of miss the old rough-cut edges of the earlier volumes (literally, the Furnish volume right hand edges (as with many of the older volumes) looks and feels like my 4 year old has trimmed them with a pair of blunt scissors. 

However it is good to see that Yale's adoption of the series secures its future, and I would hope that work can soon begin on replacing some of the earlier volumes that either worked with a fairly minimal definitions of the commentary genre (translation and some explanatory notes defending the translation) or were just plain idiosyncratic.