Reumann on Philippians: Look What We Are Missing

OK, 10 minutes ago I posted to the effect that Reumann's Anchor Bible commentary on Philippians looked like a collection of research notes gathered over 25 years of research.  How wrong can one be?  The Preface, which I have just glanced at, tells the true story.

Research had been going on for 35 years: 1973-2008

Reumann started doing works on Acts 16 and 20 (where Paul visits Philippi) and wrote a draft commentary on these chapters of 1200 pages!

The first draft of the Philippians commentary came to 2800 pages, which was revised to 2400 pages and then (and you really get the impression that Reumann was pissed off by being made to do this by the publishers), to 1250 pages.  'The result', he writes, 'may be a more focussed treatment' .

So, look out for a 1200 MS page comentary on 2 chapters on Acts, and a supplementary volume entitled Philippian Studies.  Sadly, Professor Reumann died in 2008 and so I am not sure if these volumes will ever see the light of day.